Growing up my parents worked very hard, and had a lot of house pride.  They kept it well maintained and clean. I really never understood the significance of this until I purchased my own home.  

My Dad was able to do so much on his own or with his friends. It seemed that to finish the basement  was as easy as it was to paint the bedroom.  So when I purchased my own home and I needed to fix something I called my Dad. 

After a while I realized some things I could do for myself.  Like so many single independent women I decided it was time to stop calling my Dad to do do these things.  I can afford to pay someone to do the things I could not.

So I started looking for a handyman.  I thought it was simple, find someone and pay them.  I found that reliable ones were hard to find.  Some would not show up, some were not able to do the job correctly.  Finally, I found a reliable one, that did great work, was reasonably priced and was on time.  I was hooked on the ability to get what I needed done on my terms.

This made me think, how many people are in a similar situation, needing work completed and not being able to find the right person to do it. So they take a chance and hope for the best. 

 Just Ask Paula Handyman Services was born.  Having worked in the Home Improvement Industy  for several years I have built relationships with  trustworthy, skilled tradesmen.   I am now able to connect  skilled craftsmen with my customers ensuring their jobs are done the correct way, by skilled people and on time.

I am so blessed to have so many great customers that have tried my services, and great craftsmen who do amazing work that we all take pride in.    We look forward to gaining new friends as we continue to grow.